The EU and Conflict Mitigation in the European Neighborhood

There were six territorial disputes among the EU’s neighbors when the European Neighborhood Policy was launched 12 years ago. None of these has been resolved, and both the Eastern and the Southern neighbors are more unstable and insecure today than they were when the Policy was launched. This article analyses the ENP as a framework for EU involvement in conflict prevention, management and resolution. (PDF) Zuzana Novakova, Roman Petrov

Ukraine in Crisis: The Economic and Security Consequences for European Union, Ukraine and Russia

EU has to find a way to effectively engage with Russia, facilitate Ukraine’s progressive reforms, prepare for long lasting political and financial commitment to Ukraine and at the same time strictly demand fulfilment of the agreement reached in Minsk. (PDF) Marek Lenč, Martin Kudrec

Attitudes towards European Integration in EaP States: Significance of Elites’ Commitment

The paper examines how the cooperation with the EU has been influencing public sector, legal and economic reforms in EU’s Eastern neighbourhood by means of engaging the local political elites. The developments in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as the situation in Armenia, regarding the perspective for its further participation in the Eastern Partnership, are reviewed. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and its Impact on East European Security and Stability

Food for thought paper delivered by Oleksandr Tytarchuk on behalf of the East European Security Research Initiative Foundation at the Concluding Meeting of the 24th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum, held in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 15, 2016. (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk

Глобальна стратегія зовнішньої та безпекової політики ЄС: вплив на ситуацію в Східній Європі

thumbnail of 2016-07 EU Global Strategy Implications for Eastern Europe 2016 C-UKR

За пропозицією EESRI Foundation, експерти прокоментували можливий вплив “Глобальної стратегії зовнішньої політики і політики безпеки ЄС” на зміцнення миру, стабільності та безпеки в Східній Європі. (PDF) Григорій Месежніков, Віра Аксьонова, Даніель Шеліговський,  Гражвідас Ясутіс, Душан Фішер, Армен Григорян, Олександр Титарчук, Сюзана Новакова, Русіф Хусейнов, Максим Хилько

Глобальная стратегия ЕС по внешней политике и безопасности: влияние на ситуацию в Восточной Европе

thumbnail of 2016-07 EU Global Strategy Implications for Eastern Europe 2016 C-RUS

По предложению EESRI Foundation, эксперты прокомментировали возможное влияние “Глобальной стратегии внешней политики и политики безопасности ЕС” на укрепление мира, стабильности и безопасности в Восточной Европе. (PDF) Григорий Месежников, Вера Аксенова, Даниэль Шелиговский,  Гражвидас Ясутис, Душан Фишер, Армен Григорян, Александр Титарчук, Сюзана Новакова, Русиф Хусейнов, Максим Хилько