Словакия после выборов: ожидать ли изменений в отношениях с Украиной, Россией, ЕС, НАТО?

По предложению EESRI Foundation, словацкие эксперты прокомментировали возможные изменения во внешней политике Словакии, в частности, по отношению к Вышеградской группе, Восточному партнерству, Европейскому Союзу, НАТО, Украине и России. (PDF) Душан Фишер, Сюзана Новакова, Йозеф Улиан, Марек Ленч, Самюэль Года, Кристина Бокова

Slovakia’s Foreign Policy Priorities in 2016

Upon proposal of the East European Security Research Initiative Foundation, a selection of Slovakian experts commented on the probable changes in Slovakia’s foreign policy, especially with respect to the Visegrad Group, Eastern Partnership, European Union, NATO, Ukraine, and Russia. (PDF) Dušan Fischer, Zuzana Novakova, Jozef Ulian, Marek Lenč, Kristina Bockova, Samuel Goda

The Dutch Referendum on the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine

The Dutch referendum about the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine leads to uncharted waters on several fronts. April 6, 2016 is the first time when an electorate of one EU member state gets a direct say on an external EU agreement. This brief provides an overview of the referendum’s (i) legal and political background, (ii) state-of-play, including the argumentation of its main proponents and (iii) future prospects as the situation opens a range of new questions for the Netherlands, the EU and Ukraine in an unprecedented context. (PDF) Zuzana Novakova

A New Strategy for Europe’s ‘Near Abroad’? Review of the ENP in Wider Context

thumbnail of 2015-11 Review of the EU Neighbourhood Policy in Wider Context EESRI PB-ENG

The renewal of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), published on 18 November, is analysed in wider context. It is stressed that while reaffirming commitment to the goals to foster stability, security and prosperity, the recent ENP review introduces a potential juncture point in terms of the pragmatic flexibility, re-prioritization and geographical scope. (PDF) Zuzana Novakova

Putin’s Russia: Kremlin’s goal No. 1 and What is Kremlin actually capable of?

thumbnail of 2015-10 Russia’s goal No.1 and Kremlin’s capabilities EESRI-C-ENG

Marius Laurinavičius explores the theory and practice of Russian foreign policy as well as the Kremlin’s capabilities to undermine the EU and NATO, and bring the world back to the times of international power balance. (PDF) Marius Laurinavičius

Recommendations for Combating Russian Propaganda

thumbnail of 2015-08 Combating Russian Propaganda ENG

A set of recommendations for combating Russian propaganda in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries, which has been distributed among the Members of the European Parliament and the EU officials with regard to the European Council conclusions of 20 March 2015 calling for preparation of an action plan to counter Russia’s disinformation campaigns. (PDF) Oleg Panfilov, Maksym Khylko