Dodon’s visit to Transnistria: Russian-Backed Model for Protracted Conflicts Settlement?

It is highly unlikely that Russia will allow Transnistria again back into Moldova even if the latter accepts closer cooperation with Russia and/or integration with Russia-led organizations. However, Dodon’s policy towards Transnistria could be considered in Moscow as a favourable model for other protracted conflicts settlement. (PDF) Rusif Huseynov

Armenia and Russia Pursue Joint Military Forces

The Russo-Armenian agreement on establishing a joint military unit, which will include troops of the 102nd Russian military base stationed near Yerevan as well as the 4th Corps of the Armenian Army, predictably caused anxiety in Azerbaijan and Georgia. While a potential deterioration of relations with Georgia would undermine Armenia’s national interests, the government in Yerevan appears willing to make this sacrifice in the name of regime reproduction and survival. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan

Human Security Dimension across the Frozen Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space

An analysis of the serious problems arising from the so-called frozen conflicts in the post-soviet region forms the basis of this policy paper with particular reference to human security in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria. Despite many similarities among them, the entities are not entirely homogeneous and since the conflicts vary in severity and scope, an individualized approach is required in the provision of much needed human security in each. (PDF) Grazvydas Jasutis

Russia Seeks Further Expansion of Military and Political Influence in Armenia

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Vladimir Putin ordered the government of Russia to start negotiations with Armenia on establishing a joint regional air defense system in the Caucasus region of collective security. It’s goal would be containment of NATO — including Turkey and the Alliance’s aspirant Georgia. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan

Россия намеревается расширить военно-политическое влияние в Армении

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Целью новой Объединенной региональной системы противовоздушной обороны в Кавказском регионе коллективной безопасности будет сдерживание НАТО, включая Турцию и стремящуюся к вступлению в Альянс Грузию. (PDF) Армен Григорян

Military Integration Between Russia and South Ossetia: Quo Vadis?

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This article examines the concept of military integration as applied to the case of Russia and South Ossetia, analyzes the integration dynamics and durability in this region and models future developments. The author concludes that increased military presence and capabilities are undoubtedly destabilizing security in the Caucasus region. (PDF) Grazvydas Jasutis, Lithuania