OSCE Project Co-ordinator: helping Ukraine meet crisis challenges and implement reforms

OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine: Modalities, Figures and Achievements in Combating trafficking in human beings, Prevention of torture, Response to crisis, Democratization and good governance, Elections, Dialogue, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Human Security, Police reform, Economic and Environmental / Politico-Military Projects, Humanitarian Demining. Presentation of statement delivered by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, Ambassador Vaidotas Verba at the experts debate “Ukraine – OSCE: security issues and interdependence” held in Kyiv, 14 March 2016. (PDF)

Розвиток сектору безпеки та оборони України: концепція безпеки людини

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Забезпечення стійкого взаємозв’язку між політикою національної безпеки та політикою демократичного розвитку, орієнтованого на зміцнення концептуальних засад безпеки людини, має бути серед сучасних пріоритетів реформування сектору безпеки та оборони України. (PDF) Олександр Титарчук

Security and Defense Sector Development in Ukraine: Human Security Dimension

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Establishing appropriate relationship between national security and development policy contributing to human security should be among current priorities in security and defense sector development in Ukraine. (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk

The Right of Association Within the Security Sector

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This presentation was delivered on behalf of the European Organization of Military Association (EUROMIL) by its President Emmanuel Jacob, during the side-event dedicated to the Right of Association within the Security Sector held in Warsaw, on September 23, 2015 within the margins of the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2015. (PDF) Emmanuel Jacob, President of EUROMIL, Brussels

Important Building Blocks In Strengthening the OSCE’s Human Dimension

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This food-for-thought paper contains suggestions and recommendations related to the most important OSCE’s human dimension issues presented on behalf of the East European Security Research Initiative and the Foreign Policy Research Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine) within the margins of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions as a part of contribution to the OSCE’s Panel of Eminent Persons Report. (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk, Maksym Khylko