NATO, the EU and the OSCE in the Handling of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Competitive Synergy or “Freezing” Crisis Management?

The article offers a general perspective on the involvement of NATO, the EU and the OSCE in the handling of the Russia–Ukraine conflict in terms of interim lessons learned and best practices for exerting international efforts to bring peace and security in the region amid the ongoing deep European security crisis. (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk, Maksym Khylko

После апрельских боев в Карабахе, в Армении усиливается недоверие к России

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Приведшие к значительным жертвам боевые действия на линии разделения сторон в Карабахе, произошедшие со 2-го по 5-е апреля и названные «четырехдневной войной», подчеркнули необходимость возобновления интенсивных переговоров при международном посредничестве. (PDF) Армен Григорян

After April Violence in Karabakh, Armenia’s Distrust in Russia Keeps Growing

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April deadly skirmishes along the line of conflict in Karabakh, the so-called “four-day war,” highlighted the need for a reinvigorated international mediation effort. Yerevan’s disappointment over Russia’s approach to the Karabakh conflict may explain why Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Shavarsh Kocharyan’s suggested that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs should perhaps initiate a total arms embargo on all conflicting sides. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan

Ukraine and the West Should Beware of Unrealistic Peace Plans. Otherwise the Kremlin Will Outplay Them

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In recent months, the idea of sending an OSCE armed police mission to the Donbas has become Kyiv’s idée fixe in the same way that holding local elections in the Donbas has become the West’s. Both believe that their proposals can give the stalled Minsk agreement a boost, or at least provide strong arguments to extend sanctions against Russia, which are set to expire in July. (PDF) Maksym Khylko

Вооруженная миссия ОБСЕ на Донбассе: перспективы и риски

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«Согласие» РФ  на развертывание вооруженной полицейской миссии ОБСЕ на Донбассе может иметь целью заставить Киев пойти на прямые контакты с лидерами «ЛНР-ДНР» и играть по правилам Кремля. (PDF) Александр Титарчук

Implementation of the Integrated Chemical Safety and Security Program in Ukraine: Challenges and Actual Issues

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Practical steps to implement the Integrated Chemical Safety and Security Program in Ukraine were proposed at Ukraine Chemical Security Forum, held in Kielce, Poland, on April 19, 2016. This Forum was co-organized by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, Ukrainian Chemists Union, Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union, State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine, Office for Technical Inspection and International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security, in cooperation with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. (PDF) Anton Mukomela