Findings of Mass Media Monitoring in Armenia (Detecting Propaganda)

Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC) within the scope of Measuring the public views regarding International organizations and Monitoring of Media in Armenia on Disinformation and ‘Fake News’ project conducted monitoring of selected Russian and Armenian mass-medias aiming to identify the propaganda. (PDF)  

Notes from RUSI International Military Influence Conference 2015, London

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On 29 October 2015, in London, the Royal United Services Institute hosted a one day conference on the subject of “Military Influence” with a selection of speakers addressing different aspects. This is a summary from the on the record part of the day’s presentations. (PDF) Notes by Tim Foxley

Ukraine at War: Truth Against Russian Propaganda

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Materials of the conference ‘Ukraine at War: Truth Against Russian Propaganda’ that was held in Brussels on June 16, 2015 to provide representatives of the European institutions including the European Commission, the European External Action Service and the European Parliament as well as representatives of the media with an insight into Russian political and military propaganda and the way it is used in the current military conflict in eastern Ukraine. (PDF) Oleg Panfilov, Tetiana Matychak, Oleksandra Matviichuk, Arkadiy Babchenko

Recommendations for Combating Russian Propaganda

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A set of recommendations for combating Russian propaganda in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries, which has been distributed among the Members of the European Parliament and the EU officials with regard to the European Council conclusions of 20 March 2015 calling for preparation of an action plan to counter Russia’s disinformation campaigns. (PDF) Oleg Panfilov, Maksym Khylko