Russia’s Aggressive Policy in the Struggle for a New International Order and Ukraine’s Perspective

This paper was prepared within the framework of the ongoing discussion on the current crisis in Russia-West security relations organized by the European Leadership Network (ELN). (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk

Конфронтационная политика превратила Россию из союзника в угрозу для Армении

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Зависимость Армении от России стала не только источником дефицита демократии, экономического и демографического спада, но и угрозой безопасности в условиях роста региональных рисков. Сохраняется риск вовлечения Армении в конфронтацию между РФ и Турцией. (PDF) Армен Григорян

Moscow’s Confrontational Policy Turns Russia From an Ally to a Threat for Armenia

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Armenia’s strong dependence on Russia has now become not only a source of democratic deficit as well as of economic and demographic problems, but also a security threat for Armenia, as regional security risks continue to grow, and Yerevan may be dragged directly into the Russo-Turkish confrontation. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan

Notes from RUSI International Military Influence Conference 2015, London

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On 29 October 2015, in London, the Royal United Services Institute hosted a one day conference on the subject of “Military Influence” with a selection of speakers addressing different aspects. This is a summary from the on the record part of the day’s presentations. (PDF) Notes by Tim Foxley

German OSCE Chairmanship and Reestablishing of West-Russia Dialogue

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General approach and human dimension aspects of the German OSCE Chairmanship in 2016 and reestablishing of West-Russia dialogue are analyzed. This paper was presented at the OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference held in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, 1-2 December 2015. (PDF) Oleksandr Tytarchuk

Russia Seeks Further Expansion of Military and Political Influence in Armenia

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Vladimir Putin ordered the government of Russia to start negotiations with Armenia on establishing a joint regional air defense system in the Caucasus region of collective security. It’s goal would be containment of NATO — including Turkey and the Alliance’s aspirant Georgia. (PDF) Armen Grigoryan