Civic Engagement versus Government Cynicism

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Thousands of people who manifested their defiance to the government on Sunday, and many more at home, genuinely hope for a change. Sadly, if Moldovan political history is any indication, we are all up for another upset. (PDF) Mihai Popșoi, Chisinau Note: This piece was originally published at Moldovan Politics on 7 September 2015.

Is Moldova moving towards or away from conflict resolution?

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Presentation of statement delivered by Mr. Mihai Popsoi (Foreign Policy Association of Moldova) at the Advanced Research Workshop “Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Conflict Management: NATO, OSCE, EU and Civil Society.” Panel III. Space for broader engagement of partner countries in CR/M. Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 9 June 2015. (PDF) Mihai Popsoi

Possible implications of Kyiv’s Decision to Ban the Transit of Russian Troops

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The decision taken by Ukrainian Parliament on 21 May 2015 to denounce military cooperation’s agreements with the Russian Federation will determine the future reconfiguration of peacekeeping arrangements in the Transnistrian region. Under given conditions, the Ukrainian authorities are facing the need for developing clear policy regarding further involvement in maintaining security on the Nistru (Dniester) river. (PDF) Alexandru Postica

Выход России из ДОВСЕ: последствия для безопасности Восточной Европы

По просьбе East European Security Research Initiative, эксперты из Грузии, Латвии, Молдовы, Словакии и Украины прокомментировали выход России из Договора об обычных вооруженных силах в Европе, а также последствия этого шага для безопасности региона. (PDF) Марек Ленч, Александру Постикэ, Корнелий Какачия, Самуель Года, Раймонд Рубловскис, Александр Титарчук

Вихід Росії з ДЗЗСЄ: наслідки для безпеки Східної Європи

На прохання East European Security Research Initiative, експерти з Грузії, Латвії, Молдови, Словаччини та України прокоментували вихід Росії з Договору про звичайні збройні сили в Європі та наслідки цього кроку для безпеки регіону. (PDF) Марек Ленч, Александру Постіке, Корнелій Какачія, Самуель Года, Раймонд Рубловскіс, Олександр Титарчук

Russia’s withdrawal from the CFE Treaty: Consequences for the East European security

At the request of the East European Security Research Initiative, a selection of experts from Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine commented on Russia’s withdrawal from the CFE Treaty and its consequences for the East European security. (PDF) Marek Lenč, Alexandru Postica, Kornely Kakachia, Samuel Goda, Raimonds Rublovskis, Oleksandr Tytarchuk